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Mild Indian Dishes that You Will Love Eating Anytime

When it comes to Indian food, nothing can beat the richness of spices, aroma, and flavours involved in preparing the dish. The rich oils and varied spices are the main reason why Indian food has a distinct taste that is too tantalizing to the taste buds.

Although a majority of the Indian dishes are known for their richness, some Indian delicacies are also mild on spices. You can find these dishes all over India, and also worldwide. Having said that, if you want to relish a healthier version of these dishes, you can savour them from the top Indian restaurants in Surrey, Canada.

They not only prepare the delicacies with fewer spices but also curate their dish with great finesse. So, in case you are wondering what dishes to try from here, then, read the list below to find out. These mild Indian dishes will surely intensify your craving for more.


A name quite popular to the residents of South Asia, Korma is one such delicacy that can be prepared with minimal spices. It has a creamy, thick, and rich texture that is cooked for hours in coconut milk before serving. It is a non-vegetarian dish and can be prepared both with chicken and lamb.

Butter Chicken

Next up on the list is Butter Chicken – a dish that is a favourite among people of all age groups. Prepared with limited spices, this recipe is made with marinated chicken, cooked in a creamy gravy for hours. The basic ingredients that are used are cream, yogurt, and butter which gives a rich consistency to the dish. Although this recipe is accessible worldwide, we recommend you try the best butter chicken in Surrey, BC. We can guarantee you will love it.

Malai Kofta

Another dish that has won the hearts of many with its authentic taste is Malai Kofta. As the name suggests, this delicacy is made with a perfect blend of fresh cream and cashews. Once you take a bite of this malai kofta with your favourite butter naan, it will take you to Cloud nine with its delicious taste.

Dal Makhani

For all the vegetarian lovers, Dal Makhani is the best recipe that compliments well with rice. It is a basic lentil curry mixed with red kidney beans and is prepared in a rich cream and served with a dollop of butter on top. Just like the above dishes, this recipe too is mild in taste.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Bite-sized chunks of chicken marinated in tomatoes, coconut cream, paprika, and yogurt and cooked in a creamy curry sums up the entire definition of chicken tikka masala. This recipe has always been a favourite among meat lovers. It goes well when served hot with rice or naan.

Shahi Paneer

Paneer, also known as royal cottage cheese, is a must include in the ‘Mild Indian dishes’ guide. Cooked in a royal or shahi manner, this recipe is one of the most in-demand dishes of the Mughlai cuisine. Dipped and served in a thick gravy, this dish is sure to warm your soul and fill your hunger pangs.

Savour these dishes listed above and get lost in the world of rich flavours and tastes. Need assistance in ordering these dishes in Canada? then visit  Veerji Fish ‘n’ Grill and check out the menu list and place your order right now.

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