Why VEERJI Fish ‘n’ Grill?

Veerji Fish ‘n’ Grill is the fastest-growing quick service Indian franchise in the country and every location is set up for success. Here’s why:

Customers keep coming back for our simple, delicious food and exceptional customer service. As a franchisee, you can count on us every step of the way—from help selecting a high-profile location through to serving your first skewer and beyond.


How it all began

Having several different restaurants before and a 28 years of experience in the industry; it was 2018 in Abbotsford, B.C., when VEERJI first started with a take-away restaurant; one that combined delicious, wholesome Indian cuisine using high-quality ingredients with outstanding customer service. A decade later, his mission remains the same!

Now also serving in Surrey, Aldergrove, Chilliwack, Langley, Scott Road, Kelowna with Kamloops and Mission opening soon. The name, a Punjabi word meaning “Big Brother”, is a gesture to address someone with respect, even without a prior acquaintance.

Start Your Own Profitable Restaurant Without Any Prior Experience. Our Franchise Concept is Recipe Based and Easy to Operate Even for First Time Business Owners.

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Veerji: A CHEF with an insatiable passion for cooking. He loves to cook and is always looking for creative ways to make people happy with his tasty delights. His passion led him to the world of cooking, where he utilizes all the skills that make him a successful Chef. He is now a proud entrepreneur of 7 locations in British Columbia! From Tikka Masala to Chaat, Veerji knows the exact recipe that would relish your taste buds with an everlasting flavor.

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    Allergen Disclaimer

    Attention customers with food allergies. Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish or wheat. While we take steps to minimize risk and safely handle the foods that contain potential allergens, please be advised that cross contamination may occur, as factors beyond our reasonable control may alter the formulations of the food we serve, or manufacturers may change their formulations without our knowledge.