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Delicious Indian Food Often Served in Wedding Caterings

Indian weddings are brilliant, colourful celebrations of love that might stretch for days! Attendance is frequently high, with guest lists running into the thousands. Consider yourself fortunate if you have been invited to an Indian wedding! Expect music, discos, lights, stunning clothing, and, of course, delicious cuisine.

This article will run you through the Indian food often served at weddings.

Crispy Jalebi

This sweet dish is frequently served as breakfast in Indian culture, but for Indian wedding party meals, anticipate it as part of the dessert appetizers. Jalebi may be made in various methods, with traditionally fermented jalebis being used. Deep-fried flour, chickpea flour, yogurt, and sugar syrup are used to make this spiral-shaped Indian wedding reception meal.

Classic Pea and Mint Soup

Pea and mint soup is a traditional meal given at many Indian weddings. This flavorful dish is frequently served as a starter. This nutritious Indian wedding cuisine recipe will be a hit and is the ideal light meal to eat before the main course.

Tasty Dahi Bhalla

These delectable delicacies are deep-fried lentil fritters served with a yogurt and chutney topping. Lentils can be substituted with other components such as chickpeas and potatoes. The fundamental feature of a Dahi Bhalla is that it is deep-fried in a wonderful batter!

Aromatic Aloo Tikki

This street food snack is often composed of boiling potatoes and fragrant spices and herbs. Aloo is the Hindi word for potato, and Tikki is a cutlet or patty. Therefore it is essentially a potato patty seasoned with herbs and spices. Aloo Tikki works nicely as a canape and goes well with mint chutney. Aloo Tikki is available with or without filling.

Flavorful Dal Bukhara

Dal Bukhara, a very similar Indian wedding feast to Dal Makhani, is a popular dish at an Indian wedding. This delicacy was brimming with flavour and made with whole urad lentils (black gram).

Dal is a popular meal in India and comes in various flavours. Dal Bukhara is a thick, creamy, and simply delicious Dal dish. Dal Bukhara is traditionally eaten with rice, naan, or roti.

Unique Little Chokha

These dough balls from India’s Bihar and Jharkhand regions are packed with various flavours. Chokha is a dish that may be cooked with baingan (roasted eggplant), aloo (potato), and tamatar (roasted tomatoes).

Creamy Dal Makhani

This traditional meal originated in the Punjab area of India and Pakistan and is cooked with urad dal, rajma, butter, and spices. Dal Makhani translates to “buttery dal,” so expect a creamy, buttery meal frequently served as a main course.

This is a famous and well-known meal throughout the world. The primary distinction between Dal Makhani and Dal Bukhara is that Dal Makhani is made with lentils and kidney beans, while Dal Bukhara is exclusively produced with lentils.

Butter Chicken Served with Rice or Naan

Butter chicken is a popular Indian wedding dish you’ve probably heard of. This creamy, gentle recipe is reminiscent of the renowned chicken tikka masala.

This is a popular dish not only at Indian weddings but also at most Indian restaurants. This is the main meal, and it is served with rice or naan. This recipe is ideal for folks who dislike spicy foods.


Indian weddings are renowned for their lavish spreads of delicious food. While Indian food catering varies depending on the region, some common dishes include vegetarian curries, rice, bread, and desserts. The food is often served buffet-style so that guests can sample a little bit of everything. Indian weddings are a feast for the senses, and the food is a highlight!

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