Our Staff


We have teamed up with a group of specialized chefs who have successfully served in one of the finest restaurants for around twenty years. With this energetic and innovative team, we are excited to bring along some of the delicious and mouthwatering recipes to overcome your hunger and to satisfy your food needs. You will have an amazing experience with our caring and dedicated staff. We also make sure to regenerate a fresh experience every time.

Our Services


We are available for both Formal and Informal events and gatherings.

We cater to weddings, receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, business lunches, meetups refreshments and cocktail parties. Feel free to contact us for further queries. We would be delighted and honored to be a part of your events.

Seasonal and Local


We truly understand the importance of our customers'health so we maintain a healthy and hygienic environment in our restaurant.  Quality is our topmost priority and we refuse to compromise on that. That's why we outsource all fresh and seasonal ingredients from the local farmers' markets and ensure to take all possible precautions.